Some stories about how a few of the songs on Glass Heart came to be...


I grew up going back and forth across to Mexico with my dad, and friends and whatnot, like a lot of Texans. I love the country, whether it's in the interior or on the border. No matter where I've been, the people were always smiling. The poorest kid on the street, that maybe lives in a tin shack outside of town, if not a cardboard one, has got an ear-to-ear smile on his face. Even though some of the border has gotten a bit more dangerous, that's the image I carry with me, all those smiles and simple happiness. I wanted to write something that described my feeling for the country and its people, their passion.

Old Man Mexico won Honorable Mention in the John Lennon songwriting contest.


This song is dedicated to my closest friend of a quarter century, Jerri "ChuChu" Hackett...she passed away in Oct. of 2001. It was her favorite song....xoxo

I seldom go to the malls, because I hate to shop. I order everything through the mail that I can, but one Sunday, I had to get something from Sears. Not knowing what time they opened, I arrived too early, so I sat in the car reading a book with the door open, because it was hot. No one was in the parking lot except one cruising police car. When a car pulled in, I didn't pay much attention, and after some time had passed, out of the blue this voice spoke and scared me to death... it was just behind me, out of sight.

When I turned around, there was this little old lady, just talking up a blue streak to me like she'd known me all her life. At first, my arrogant thoughts were she was perhaps suffering from senility, or Altzeimers, but as we spoke, it ended up being the most wonderful conversation. I tried to get her to sit down in the car with me while we talked, but she complained of bad legs, and how they hurt her when she sat, which is only relevant when I get to the part about the mall finally opening.

Although all I had to do was close my book, take my keys out of the ignition, and lock the door, in that short time, this woman had completely vanished. I watched her walk through the doors but she was nowhere to be seen when I came in, seconds behind her, and yet we were the only 2 people in the store besides the clerk that had opened the door...that's the absolute truth.

The song tells the story, and even though she didn't actually show me photographs, I used that as representation of the stories she was telling me about her family and herself.

GLASS HEART (title song)

Several years ago, we met an extremely talented musician at an annual campout we go to. We woke up to, and went to bed by, this man's incredible abilities on the guitar, mandolin, fiddle and banjo. In addition to that, this man talked about how much he loved his wife for 4 days, and she wasn't even there, so you could tell it wasn't being said for brownie points. When a few months later we got a message from him that she'd left him, it broke my heart. I sat in front of the computer with his message, and this song sort of wrote itself in a matter of minutes...

Jonna Woodburn

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