In Memory of Jim Calvin

"Notes spilled from his fingertips
Like words from a poet gone wild
The music rolled over us like thunder
Lightening genius from the heart of a child"

....from "Glass Heart", song written by Jonna about Jim Calvin in 1998, and now forever dedicated to his memory.

Some photos from the road...

College St. Pub, Jim Bush, Jonna, Frank Kuban

David Byboth, Jim Bush, Dave Yoakum with Frank Kuban & Jonna
Photo by Brent Winn

Chip & Jonna at Paperbacks Plus Books

Beanstock, from left: Jim Bush, Jonna, Heather Morgan, Chip, David Byboth

Jonna and first ever Pawless acoustic bass. Bolivar, Texas

Chip & Jonna at Beanstock

Jim Bush and Jonna, Beanstock (Bill Nash background)

Jonna at Wreck's Old Quarter Acoustic Cafe, Galveston

Chip & Johnna and David Byboth, Acoustic Cafe, Galveston

Pawless guitar Trio, Bolivar

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