Some recent press:

"Jonna Woodburn has a sincere, intriguing, deep voice on these often-familiar or even surreal twists; an old man turning into Mexico, a woman sharing love from her pocketbook, a poet with a glass heart. The CD is about our kinships with the earth and with each other; a sultry jazzy moment for a lost love, a smile that is part of nature, that you can lose your troubles in; a scorned woman who rejects the dimestore Jesus that tries to steal her soul; music that makes the sweat run down your body; and a run down the path of a moonbeam, and about being forever changed….this is a debut CD to be proud of." -Tom Geddie, Buddy Magazine

"I was hesitant to take on the Woodburn’s project, only having produced really country records, until I heard Jonna sing one night at the Top Rail. I was taken by her voice, not to mention her lyrics, which are something like I’d never heard before, a style that is hard to define, as far as I’m concerned. The point is, I’m really glad I took the project on and I think we made one hell of a record. I have added a new style of project to my belt and have also been subject to two of the finest talents and people I have ever met. Chip and I had both been subjects of Vince Pawless guitar building prowess so we immediately had something in common. But to see these two take their songs and build them into something really unique was very satisfying. I am proud they selected me to produce their freshmen efforts because I’m sure there will be another and another just as good or better." -Tommy Alverson, Producer-Singer/Songwriter

John Lennon Songwriter Competition Honorable Mention for "Old Man Mexico"

"Chip and Jonna craft and perform songs with heart, soul, and most importantly, honesty. Their music truly has the capability of conveying the listener into the story, and that’s my kind of music!" -Brian Burns, Texas Singer-Songwriter

"The Woodburns remind me of what happens when folks singers move to the country. Great vocals with teardrop lyrics. Folk music without the folk…just good music!" - Wrecks Bell, Songwriter/Musician/Proprietor Old Quarter Acoustic Café, Galveston, Texas

"You must be very happy with the results of your CD. Nicely sing, nicely played, nicely arranged and the production flatters that. If it were a dart, it would be a bull. I went about listening to find the one I liked. I couldn’t find one. Pity, I liked them all!" - Vince Bell, Songwriter/Author

"The Woodburn’s music is fresh and new. It offers up a unique and wonderful perspective of the world. It is music you can listen to over and over again." - David and Lois Byboth, Texas Nights House Concerts North

"Proof that determined inspiration produces good music; songs for the heart and soul, played and sung with heart and soul." - Kim Miller, Texas Singer/Songwriter

"I’ve been a fan since the first song I heard. These are songs of the heart sung with heart. The real deal!" - Jim Bush, Poet, Texas Singer-Songwriter

"Describing their music as a ‘form of emotional and spiritual gratification’, it’s not hard to tell that Jonna Woodburn writes from the heart. She offers vibrant, yet serene images, melded together with a musical story-telling style, wrapping them with compellingly powerful and earthy vocals." - Laurie Joulie, Take Country

"Wow! Great album, great interview, great talent and GREAT HEART!" - Dominique Costanoga, Radio Marseillette France

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