Jonna Woodburn has a sincere, intriguing, deep voice on these often-familiar or even surreal twists; an old man turning into Mexico, a woman sharing love from her pocketbook, a poet with a glass heart. The CD is about our kinships with the earth and with each other; a sultry, jazzy moment for a lost love, a smile that is part of nature, that you can lose your troubles in; a scorned woman who rejects the dime-store Jesus that tries to steal her soul; music that makes the sweat run down your body; and a run down the path of a moonbeam, and about being forever changed…..this is a debut CD to be proud of."

-Tom Geddie, Buddy Magazine


Song list:

Old Man Mexico
Talking To My Angel
The Mountain
The Kiss
Glass Heart
When Angelina Smiles
Betty Lu

Glass Heart can be purchased directly from the Woodburns for $15.00 plus $3.00 shipping ($18.00 total).

You can pay with a credit card at paypal by using the button below:

Or send a money order for $18.00 USD to: Jonna Woodburn, 3716 Avenue T, Galveston,TX 77550.

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