The Woodburns

Chip and Jonna Woodburn (far right and middle, sitting) have made music together since they met in August 1985 and married in November 1986. While playing in friendsí living rooms, backyards and at festival campfires, Jonna began writing and singing her own songs. Seven of these songs are featured on their new, first CD Glass Heart, produced by Texas music legend Tommy Alverson.

Dave Yocum (2nd from left) has been playing guitar since the age of 15. Originally from Los Angeles, he got to Texas as soon as he could. His masterful guitar work on guest appearances led to an invitation to join The Woodburns on a permanent basis.

David Byboth (not pictured) frequently plays mandolin with the Woodburns and has managed to write a few songs of his own between music gigs and putting on House Concerts with his lovely wife Lois. More info:

Pictured far left, David Hansel, guest harp on "Lafayette", Stone St. Theatre in Dallas.

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