All you need to do is highlight the text below and "copy". Then, "paste" this into the body of your email. Please send this letter to any media outlet that calls P.B. a Pit Bull. Thank you for your concern.


To: Universal Studios
Reference: Babe: Pig in the City

For your information, the dog who plays P.B. is a registered Bull Terrier (bred in Australia) and not a "Pit Bull" as your movie references and credits state. The Pit Bull is not even related to the Bull Terrier --the Bull Terrier breed dates back to England in 1812 and is a cross between the Bull Dog and the now extinct White Terrier. Given the public panic that often accompanies Pit Bull sensationalism in the media, it is a true disservice to the Bull Terrier to misrepresent the breed in this fasion.

Bull Terrier breeders around the world are known to take extreme care in breeding selectively for non-agressive behavior and for personally placing their pups in approved homes only. In addition, Bull Terrier people have spent a great deal of time trying to educate the public as to the difference between the two breeds and my fear is that this movie, and the misinformation surrounding the actual breed of P.B., will negate a lot of genuine and honest effort.

On behalf of Bull Terrier owners around the world, I will be boycotting both the movie and the merchandise.


Your name.