Famous Alaskan Bull Terrier

Patsy Ann's Tale
The story of Patsy Ann, the deaf bull terrier who captured the hearts of citizens around the world for her faithful greeting at the Juneau, Alaska wharf.

Sculpting the Magic
Noted artist and bull terrier judge Anna Burk Harris talks about the magical process that took place in her New Mexico studio as she forged her bond with Patsy Ann, Official Greeter of Juneau.

The DogStar of Juneau
Patsy Ann shines in DogStar, when she teaches a grieving child that what he most fears losing can never be taken from him. A classic tale of faith & spirit.

Gone to DogStar
But not forgotten. A memorial page, dedicated to our friends who await us at DogStar. If you have a dog you would like to pay tribute to, it's easy and it's 100% free.

Friends of Patsy Ann
A mail order store in Juneau, Alaska. All proceeds donated to the Gastineau Humane Society. T-shirts, coffee mugs and post cards for sale.

DogStar Contest
Is your dog a star? Patsy Ann is searching for the perfect DogStars -- to feature on her Astrology page. Enter by birth date - great prizes to be won!

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