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What's your stake in Canada's threatened natural security?

Powerful insights from a compelling speaker about our vital water resource, Chris Wood.

“Compelling” “Provocative” “Red-hot”... some of the words used to describe Chris Wood's ideas about Canada's water. Book him now to share his insights about Canada's 'natural security gap' and its implications for your organization.

Broadcaster, author, journalist and public speaker Chris Wood writes and speaks out about the central importance of water and its management to our future prosperity, health and even survival.

A veteran observer of Canada's political and natural evolution over four decades, Wood has delved deeply into the threats facing our greatest natural resource in two recent books. Dry Spring: The Coming Water Crisis of North America (2008) revealed how climate change is redistributing water resources around the contient and calendar—with implications for business from wine-making to transportation.

Down the Drain: How We Are Failing to Protect Our Water Resources, written with leading policy expert Ralph Pentland, exposes how decades of federal and provincial policy mismanagement have left Canadians' natural security vulnerable to increasingly negative economic and health consequences—and shows how we can demand that governments and business protect this vital public trust.

Engaging and plain-spoken, Chris Wood offers stimulating keynote or theme addresses customized to your audience, as well as a catalytic addition to expert panels.

Audiences already energized by Chris' presentations include:
  • IdeaCity (Toronto's annual counterpart to California's TED talks)
  • The Nature Conservancy of Northern California
  • Canada's Top 40 Executives Under 40
  • Bonnefield Canadian Farmland & Agri-Business Investment Seminar
  • Elmvale Water Festival
  • T4G Leading Thinkers
  • Okanagan Basin Water Board annual GM

Down the Drain: How We Are Failing to Protect Our Water Resources, by Ralph Pentland and Chris Wood, will appear in June from Greystone Books (ISBN: 978-1926812779 ) and can be pre-ordered now - click here.

One of the most powerful photographic images of our time shows the gauzy ball of planet Earth hovering weightless in the velvet dark of space.

That is all we have. This one planet is our Eden, our space capsule, and if we fail to maintain it, it will be our species' coffin. iPods and 3-D television do not exempt our big-brained, thumb-wielding race of primates from the laws of biology.

On this planet, water is necessary to everything that matters. In many faiths, water is a sacred essence. In the empirical eye of science, it is the elemental prerequisite of life. Without water, there are no crops. Without water, not one of our modern miracles of technology could be manufactured. Essence of the Creator’s spirit, essential molecule of organic chemistry, water is no less the essential solvent, lubricant, and medium of transport for the modern industrial economy. What we do with water affects what it can do for us and for the rest of creation later. Read more... (PDF)

Readers have called this book:

“Talented… [and] important” (Peter C. Newman),

“Crisply written and impeccably researched” (Silver Donald Cameron),

“A thoughtful and well-argued analysis” (Christopher Waddell)

“A red-hot read for anyone concerned about Canada's water and the political leaders who are not protecting it” (Michael Harris)

Dry Spring

Reviewers called my previous book, Dry Spring: The Coming Water Crisis of North America, “arresting”, “vivid” and “provocative.” It was nominated in 2009 for the prestigious Shaughnessy-Cohen Prize for Best Political Writing. It’s available from (ISBN: 978-1-55192-814-2), in print or Kindle editions.
Blockbusters & Trade Wars Blockbusters and Trade Wars: Popular Culture in a Globalized World, which I wrote with Peter S. Grant in 2004, contributed to the eventual adoption of an international convention on cultural diversity, was short-listed in 2005 for the Donner Prize for best books on public policy, and remains a graduate-level reference textbook on Canadian culture. It’s available from in print or on Kindle.(ISBN: 978-1553650096)
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