DogStar -- the Song

Recorded and produced by: Fred Duvall
Written by: Laura Lee M, Cosimo Crupi, Fred Duvall
String Arrangement: John Tapscott
Vocals: Claire Corrigan, Cosmo Crupi
Keys: Cosmo Crupi
Bass: Joe Power
Drums: Fred Duvall
Extra Programming: Jeff Dalziel
Guitar & Strings: John Tapscott
Digital Editing: Fred Duvall, Jim Carr

Powerlines Recording Studio

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The lyrics leading up to the chorus are:

I'll be seein' you, sometime, somewhere in the stars...

Who could ever know, that letting go, would be so hard...

But you and me, are gonna be, together again some day...

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Music and lyrics to the song DogStar are copyright 1998, Monkee Music
(Cosimo Crupi, Fred Duvall, Laura Lee M)