Whatever posessed to you write a story about a dog who had been dead for 55 years and lived 777 miles away? ...we get that question a lot...

Patsy Ann enchanted us from the get-go. Chris saw her statue when he was in Juneau on business and came home to the boat in Vancouver with her intriguing story.

We're dog lovers and we're writers...and it just happened. The tale of the deaf bullterrier who faithfully greeted ships arriving at the Juneau waterfront in the 1930's began to haunt our dreams. We did it so we could sleep again, folks.


Meet the Woods
Beverley Wood is a freelance writer, marketing consultant and web designer.

Chris Wood is Vancouver Bureau Chief, Maclean's magazine.

They live on a Pacific Northwest trawler (that's a boat) in Vancouver with Cato, their bullterrier.

Photo by Bayne Stanley


What's it like to live on a boat? Check out Beverley's column at www.sideroad.com.



Visit the man who wrote Mr. Bojangles.
That song still makes me cry when he gets to the part:
"His dog up and died, up and died. After 20 years he still grieves."


Roadside America -- one of our favorites! Some of the most unusual
tourist sightings in America -- including dog monuments!


I really have nothing to say...


Any questions or comments? Let us know and we'll respond as quickly as we can. And I mean that literally. I'm the Email Queen...if I go to the head (that's boatspeak for bathroom) in the middle of the night, I check it on the way. That is, if I'm not still up listening to Jerry Jeff Walker and drinking Heineken...which, unfortunately, seems to occur less and less the older I get. But Mr. Bojangles still does make me cry.


We'd like to thank a few magical friends of Patsy Ann:


June Dawson:
Truly Patsy Ann's best friend -- and founder of
The Friends of Patsy Ann non-profit organization.

Bob Welsh:
Our "Alaskan Guy" with a memory like
a steel trap and the patience of a Saint.

Michelle Benjamin:
Our publisher (Polestar Books) who
believed in Patsy Ann from page one.

bobp,db,jim (in alphabetial order):
Catalyst characters, kinda like the
Tin Man, the Scarecrow and the Lion...


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For Caesar: Thanks for hanging around so long, Piggy. I know it's
been a haul. You're free to go now. Vaya Con Dios, and I'll be seein' you...

...the autumnal star, whose brilliant ray shines eminent amid
the depth of night, whom men the dog-star of Orion call...(Homer)